We believe in our responsibilities to the environment and are doing what we can to reduce our own contribution to pollution and waste and through our buying policy, we encourage our suppliers to be equally proactive.

Caring for the environment is vital to Tebays and we recognise the fact that over time, waste products from our industry and others may have a harmful effect on our environment, and that’s why we constantly refine processes in order to produce less waste.

Environmental Policy

Listed below is our environmental policy, which demonstrates our commitment to dealing with waste in a responsible manner and at the same time, help protect the atmosphere.

  • To constantly refine processes that use only essential resources in order to  produce less waste.
  • To segregate waste produced into separate waste streams for onward  recycling or appropriate safe disposal.
  • To minimise waste by re-using containers prior to recycling.
  • To recycle all used paper.
  • To provide prepress production that is digital and direct to plate, eliminating  film, chemicals and proofing waste.
  • To employ only certified waste carriers and disposal sites.
  • To ensure all employees are aware of the environment and the importance for correct waste disposal and recycling of raw materials to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Paper is the largest single commodity used by the company and we have secured FSC certification to promote the use of papers from sustainable sources.